Riding competition in horse jumping over barriers
4 October - Żabieniec EQUUS Stable

Our stable

Imagine a place where everything is natural, in which horse and man lives in a harmony and understanding. A magic place, an oasis of peace and quiet, where the words: love, passion, respect, trust, harmony, partnerships are the foundation of a relationship with horses.

Such a place exists and is called the Equus.


Our stable is situated in the beautiful surroundings of forests, ponds and rivers. Also nearby is the Chojnów Landscape Park, which occupies an area of 6598 ha. In November, was designated Piasechynski PTTK Horse Trail, which consists of approximately 25 km of "Loop Chojnowskie Forest" and the seven liaison routes.

Near the stables you can find many tourist attractions, among others: monkey grove, a playground for children, "Burned glade" - a place for camping, organizing all kinds of events, bike trails and stocked ponds for opportunities to go fishing.

Our stable has been designed primarily for horses, because we appreciate a welfare of these animals above all.

We invite people who love horses, wishing to relax in a unique open air away from the hustle and bustle of the city, animal and beautiful nature lovers.

Our horses

Projected by: AGINUS

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05-500 Piasechno - Żabieniec, Główna srt. 48
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